Photo Tales (1)

In this segment, I will be writing about one photo each post. What’s the purpose? Nothing specific, I just want it to be documented. This may help someone to understand settings, framings, etc, if not then I just want to remember the memories for years.

The photo I am going to write about today is here.

The cat and the master!

This photo contains a cat grabbing his master’s hand. This cat is a pet. I am seeing the cat for about a year and a half now. It is in the care of one of my friends whose hand is being seen in the photo. This shot is candid and that’s why it shows the authentic loyalty and affection of a pet towards his master. Seeing them together for a long time allowed me to understand why it’s not very simple when your pet is to some extent jumping to grab your hand. You will need reciprocality between the human and the animal to be lived in a home. You feed and give shelter to them, they give condolences in their way. You can’t imagine how precisely these animals act whenever they are trying to tell you something. They don’t have the alphabets we have but they have the universal language, which is your approach.

I have used Canon EOS 5D Mark iii with a Canon 70-200 mm 2.8 non IS lens in this shot. It is taken in ambient light so no external lighting has been used. I tried to take the shot in the soft afternoon light. The sun was in the west and deemed enough to soften the light in the frame. Focusing on the cat gave a depth of field as some spaces had been there in the background. In terms of editing, why did I choose the color over black and white? I thought whenever I am trying to portray the bonding by focusing on how the cat got bend and touched the hand, I have to differentiate between the cat and the hand. So I took the opportunity to choose the color which eventually helped me to distinguish two different factors.

Photography eventually means reflecting your thoughts and ideas. So I do believe there are no rules to be pursued over your heart. But making the photo talk in a way you want is something we have to learn. So it’s better to keep exploring and grabbing the chances.

What not to do as a Concert Photographer

I have been doing concert photography for almost 5 years now. I am working as an official photographer of a band in Chittagong, Bangladesh. I am not a pro but I had experiences that can be shared with you and that’s the intention.

A concert venue is a place where nothing is stable. No matter what kind the music is, the environment is not giving you an inch of comfort. You have to fight with lights and subject constantly. How you tackle this is a topic for later. But I am going to tell you several things better be avoided.

Firstly, never use flashlights. Yeah I admit it can be discussed but I always felt the ambient lighting of the concert gives the best output. That dangling red, blues, or green, they’re going to put scribbles in your photos. You may realize, it’s not a 100% success when shooting in vibrating lights, but you will get eventual amazing results.

Secondly, never share frames with others. Which is to say, whenever you’re taking a position, avoid where others have gathered. Yes, in the midpoint of the stage, closeup spots to the artists, these are the spots everyone is thriving for. Avoid these spots at the first phase because you’ll eventually get a chance and mostly avoiding common frames can provide you more unique components.

Thirdly, always be cautious about the technical equipment in the venue. In a concert, a massive amount of wires and equipment are common. Intercepting a wrong wire or smashing a fragile light won’t be a good experience to gather. Moreover, these sensitive things can create massive destructions in the arena also.

Fourthly, never interrupt or irritate artists or technicians related to the concert. Because you never want to annoy the main reason of the show. The musician and the musics are the main the reason behind this.

There may be hundreds or thousands of other aspects to maintain. But I have realitze, avoiding these can make the experience better.

Rangamati 1.1

This photo is taken on Rangamati, Chittagong, Bangladesh. I took the photo sitting on the roof of a boat.

Let me describe the moment. I was shooting moments from the very beginning of our boat ride on the lake. But as always my most desired moment was the evening. I kept shooting continuously on that 15/20 minutes. As I was in a boat, it was impossible for me to move towards any particular subject. My camera and I were stuck on a 70-200 frame. Waited and waited for a subject. Then I found an alone fisherman with his boat, fortunately on the same frame( maybe a little closer will help a bit more) with the setting sun. Tried to capture the moment in the most decent framing. The scene was freaking awesome. But I know the camera doesn’t always show you the best. Capabilities matters. Luck also. This one-shot made up to be the most favorite from a chunk of shots for me on that 45 seconds.


This photo was taken on a Church in Sajek. Sajek is a tourist place of Chittagong, Bangladesh. A place with the holistic beauty of a combination of cloud and the hill. Beautified with the indigenous people and culture of them.

On my Sajek trip, I’ve taken many photos and I’m uploading one by one just because I want to share the memory or the moments during capturing the photo.

I’ve seen this church and the mini monument of Jesus Christ on my first night of this trip. I’ve noticed the beauty it has with the structural perfection and artistic dimension of the flower upon Jesus. The Church has a serenity on its overall environment.

I was unable to take the photo instantly because I didn’t have my DSLR with me so I was waiting for the light to come which will enable me to take the photo properly. When it comes to light, I always prefer the lighting of the afternoon if possible. So have waited and taken the photo in the afternoon of the next day.

More photos will come from my trip. I will share it with the stories or moments. But I’m sharing another picture of the Church because that was beautiful and tranquil for me. Maybe a little Church but placed in a soil where the cloud comes in the late night. That makes it social.

Daily Life 2.1

This photo was taken on Chittagong,Bangladesh. There is a festival called ‘Jabbar er Bolikhela’ in this city which is a traditional wrestling competition. A fair usually sets up in the venue are. People comes with traditional Bangladeshi items like pottery,snacks,clothes etc. The first photo contains something which shocked me literally. Actually shocked will not be the perfect word,I was kind of thinking and laughing on my own that business have no religion.

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